YTE 008: Get more engagement when you go live on Facebook & Periscope with Keenya Kelly

July 6, 2017
In this episode, we talked about
  • Setting goals and beginning with the end in mind
  • Tips on how to set prices for your product or service
  • Strategies for moving forward in your business
  • How lonely entrepreneurship can be and what we do to overcome it
  • The one thing you need to be doing when going live on Facebook or Periscope in order to get more engagement

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  • “Entrepreneur mindset: Entrepreneurs are willing to do the thing that most people are not willing to do – their willingness to step out of that fear.”
  • “I wish somebody would have told me about all the legal aspects of things. What I should do from an early on stand point with the contracts, trademarks and all that.”
  • “Sometimes you just don’t know if they’re trustworthy so you just watch, and watch, and you watch and realize ok, they are trustworthy.  
  • “I rather take the risk and fail or succeed than to automatically fail because I didn’t take the risk.”



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