YTE 007: Broadcasting tips that will grow your audience, ratings & sales with Michelle Johnson

June 29, 2017


In this episode, we talked about

  • Broadcasting and how you can grow your audience, your ratings, and your sales
  • How you can start out by building your business on the side and start with just a simple newsletter in order to grow your business
  • That transition timing and what seems to be the sweet spot for most entrepreneurs
  • How having the perfect job and amazing clients doesn't always mean it's what's right for you and how to adjust
  • Feeling like you can’t say no, but why you need to get past that
  • That even if you come from a small town you can still make a big impact
  • How to deal with friends who are not in that entrepreneur mindset
  • How you can still win with fewer clients
  • Calendars and staying organized and why it’s important to plan ahead
  • How to cut out social media and move that needle in your business
  • Why you need to remove yourself from the computer
  • Podcasting and really broadcasting, in general, to make sure you get your sponsors

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  • “There may not be a model for your success, you may be the model for someone else”
  • "What content am I going to wrap around it (podcasting)?”
  • "Build your business on the side”
  • "They made it easy for me, but not easy for my life”
  • “I thought I had to say yes to everyone and everything”
  • “My best ideas come from traveling”
  • “I was the Oprah of Albany”
  • “You have to know that you are not an island and that you cannot do it alone”
  • “You gotta make sure you got something that is a sellable product so that you could get your sponsors or advertisers”
  • “It’s about your content and what you really have to say”




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